The cold brew coffee revolution

The UK’s liaison with coffee is nearly as strong as the coffee they drink every morning. A national study revealed that Brits would much rather be late for work than miss out on their morning coffee. Its a known fact that a cup of hot coffee has always been something we need in the morning but could the cold brew coffee revolution be changing our normal coffee routine?

So, what is a cold brew coffee? It is kind of the middle ground between a hot brewed coffee and an iced coffee, cold brews are made using room temperature water. The temperature of water obviously affects the extraction rate and this cold-brews take a lot longer than other coffee – sometimes up to 24 hours. We go through a lot for a perfect coffee, don’t we?

So, you’re probably wondering “why go through all this trouble when I can make myself a quick instant coffee in 5 minutes?” Well, the low extraction rate means the cold brew coffee is valued for its amazing natural sweetness. Many feel that the cold brew coffee also has a lot less acidity and a fuller taste, making it appeal to even those who didn’t like coffee before.

It might not be for everybody, most purists swear by hot coffee, even in the sweltering heat and that’s totally fine. Would you try out the craze taking the coffee world by storm?

Making cold brew coffee at home?

Actually, making a cold brew coffee at home is a lot easier and affordable than you probably think. You can even buy a cold drip coffee maker if you fall head over heels for the cold brew coffee.

Simply grind your coffee beans, put them into a mason jar and pour the room temperature water over them. Stir your delightful mixture, cover it and leave it to soak for about a day. Strain the solution into a large bowl and serve your lovely cold brew coffee with ice or milk.

What really fascinated me about cold brew coffee, and initially made me want to try it was the fact that it can be saved for a month. Due to the low acidity in a cold brew coffee, the taste does not change. You can basically have a ready made coffee everyday for a month. This would definitely solve the late to work because of a big coffee queue problem.

Coffee Love Co has a wide range of beans, including ground which can be your first step to a delicious cold brew coffee.


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