Recipe – Warm Apple Pie Latte

It feels like the month of January has been going on for about 3 months,  it’s still cold, bleak, there’s not much to look forward to any time soon and our bank accounts are still suffering from the festive period. So what we really need is something tasty and comforting to help us pass the time until summer. This warm apple pie latte reminds me of my Mum’s cooking, whilst the delightful taste makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I know an apple pie  latte seems very weird, and, make no mistake you cannot make an apple pie in an espresso machine but you can make a caffeinated approximation latte, which is just as good, right?

Although this might seem really perfect for Autumn, you can really transfer the sweet apple taste to any season – adding the spices where you want. Honestly, this recipe is a little bit tricky to master but definitely worth it when you get the hang of it and taste how amazing it is.

What you’ll need

– 2oz of Espresso – find the best beans to make this here.
– 2oz of apple juice, or alternatively you can use apple pie syrup.
– 2 tablespoons of granulated syrup (we know this seems like quite a lot)
-Teaspoon on cinnamon
-Milk to fill up the rest of the mug
– Whipped cream

Step 1 – Starting off

So, obviously you’ll need to get your espresso ready and you’ll also need to heat your milk and set these aside. If you want red milk just add some red food colouring to it, this obviously is just a little extra step.

Step 2 – The apple pie

In another saucepan combine your apple juice, sugar and cinnamon and stir (if you can steam and froth). Make sure all the sugar is dissolved – this should smell truly amazing.

Step 3 – Combine everything

Combine your espresso and apple mixture together into a cup – I usually stir this just to make sure the coffee and apple pie taste really mix together. I then top the drink with the steamed milk.

Step 4 – Finish touches

As always with our recipes, we always recommend some kind of finishing touch, whether this be for customers or just yourself. So get show off your latte  that whipped cream and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Also apple pie is wonderful with cream so its a no-brainer.

Adapt this recipe however you want, and don’t worry about how it looks at the end – if it tastes nice that’s all that matters, especially if it is just for you at home.




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