Why your office needs a coffee machine

The majority of us go to an office every single day, commonly early in the morning and spend an average of 8 hours a day there. You might not have considered getting a coffee machine for your office, but you’d be surprised at how a good machine could improve your work day. Saving time, increasing productivity and uplifting the overall mood in your office. Here are some signs that your office needs a coffee machine.

Time saving

Making a cup of coffee from scratch with a kettle takes a lot of time, especially if there’s one person making a few cups for all their colleagues. It’s also very common for somebody to take time out of their day to go on a coffee run to an overpriced high-street name, or somebody being late to work because the queue in the coffee shop in the morning was too long. All this time could have been spent working.


It’s proven by science; coffee really does improve productivity. A 5 to 10 minute coffee break a day can improve a manager’s relationship with their employees, refresh everybody’s minds and keep people motivated throughout the day. Of course, we have to mention the obvious – the caffeine will help everybody stop taking power naps under their desk too.

coffee machine
Coffee Love Co Machine


Using one of our bean to cup machines will give your coffee an unrivalled quality. No more bad instant coffee with kettle water and no need to be a fully trained barista at an espresso machine. You’ll have a fresh, grounded coffee which will definitely put everybody in a good mood.

For your clients

If your office has clients coming in regularly for meetings of businesses opportunities then a coffee machine could help here too. A good coffee will give a lasting impression on them, showing that you have an eye for quality and perfection. A bad coffee might not necessarily destroy any chances you have with a client, but it won’t exactly help either.


All of these points come down to one thing – money. More time working, more productive work hours and quite possibly a better impression on clients, the return on investment will definitely be worth it. It’s a small investment for an amazing outcome (and amazing coffee), and it should be reason enough. Completely eradicate the money you’re spending on boiling a kettle, delivering coffee to your office, traveling to coffee shops…or falling asleep in the office.

Your employees need a coffee in the morning; it is part of the daily grind. Improve everybody’s day and have a more productive office by installing a coffee machine. Book a free demonstration for a coffee machine with us here to find out if it’s for you.  

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