Don’t worry! These geniuses were also addicted to coffee

It’s okay to feel a little bit worried because you truly feel your body’s blood has now been replaced by coffee. You might be thinking about changing the fact that you can’t get up in the morning without a super strong, super sweet coffee. Sure, you’ve read possible health problems that can be caused by coffee or even started to stare into your bank account at the fact you’ve spent more money on coffee than fruit this month but it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Some of the greatest minds to ever walk on this planet were in the exact same boat as you…if not worse. Here are a list of geniuses that might have also struggled getting up early without a cup of Joe.


Although he might have had a volcanic temper anyway, we dread to think what he might have been like before his morning coffees. Much like with the rest of his work he would obsess over the details about his coffee and according to his associate, Anton Schlinder, coffee was absolutely necessary in his diet and he would very often count out exactly sixty beans per cup.


Teddy Roosevelt drank, quite frankly, a ridiculous amount of coffee, making him undoubtedly the most caffeinated president in US history. His son said that his father’s ideal coffee cup would be “more in nature of a bathtub”. A biographer, although she couldn’t confirm it, claimed that he had drunk about 40 cups of coffee a day. Your 15 doesn’t look too bad now does it?


Benjamin Franklin was claimed that coffee was one of the valuable luxuries. Although it is unsure how much he really drank, it is fair to say that he would definitely understand your coffee addition. Franklin would sit in coffee shops, write and people watch – he’d fit right into the hipster community right now.

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson claimed that coffee was “the favourite drink of the civilised world” (probably a reference to his lover for wine too). He had beans imported from all over the world, which were roastedm ground and prepared and served in a silver coffee urn.


The French enlightenment writer and philosopher may not have been as witty if it wasn’t for his copious cups of coffee everyday. He apparently drank up to 50 cups a day, which he mixed with chocolate . He also heavily credited coffee for the reason he was able to develop his writings and philosophical views.


Like many of us he started with just one or two coffees a day but that soon progressed into a full-blown coffee addiction. Many believe that coffee was the reason that Napoleon became the Emperor of France. it kept his mind and body energised. He once claimed that he would rather suffer than be senseless without coffee. On his deathbed Napoleon begged for a spoonful of coffee, it was later found that coffee grounds were found in his stomach.


So if you think your addiction might be bad we hope you find a little comfort in knowing that some of the most successful people to live relied on the liquid hero. If that doesn’t make you feel better maybe the fact that you quite as bad as 50 cups a day will.


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