How coffee lovers can save money in 2018

So, we all know a love for coffee can be quite pricey but we’re here to give you a few suggestions to help you save money which means you won’t have to go cold turkey (the absolute horror) to save extra coins.

Coffee is definitely one of those dangerous things which seem like a small investment at the time, but when you look at your transactions at the end of the year and realise your two cups a day have added up to £1,680, you will want to cry . The new coffee cup charge will also mean you’ll be spending even more money but there’s no reason why your caffeine addiction should be breaking your budget. A recent study found that nearly half of millennials were spending more on coffee than what they were saving towards retirement every year. From afar this might seem like another mistake to add to the “Millennial wrongdoings list”  but buying a coffee every now and then seems frivolous , but it just adds up.

Take your own coffee

You will be so so surprised at how much money you can save by making your own coffee in a flask every morning instead of buying one. So , let’s create a hypothetical situation and say you spend about £2.50 everyday on a takeout coffee on your way to work. That’s £12.50 a week. If you carry on doing this for a year you will have £150 extra in your pocket, make it a lifetime habit and you could literally save thousands of pounds. You’ll also skip those nasty queues.

Spice it up

If you can’t live without your morning dose of caramel as well as caffeine then invest in some syrups. You’ll discover that you can make an equally tasty coffee with the right beans and syrups as the ones you buy in shops, for literally a fraction of the price. Check out our recipes on our blog for inspiration.

Look for those incentives

Okay, you might actually consider that morning coffee as a treat – maybe instant coffee doesn’t quite hit the spot for you. Lots of places offer incentives if you bring in your own takeaway cup – and you’ll also be doing a small bit for the environment. Also collect those stamps, one free coffee every two weeks will still save you money in the long run.

Order a black coffee

If you’re really just looking for a caffeine kick to get you through the day then there’s no point in spending more money on a caramel infused, creamy cappuccino. A black coffee will be considerably less money and will most likely wake you up more.

Make going out a treat

If you really really love your takeout caramel goodness and the freedom of being able to throw away the cup afterwards, maybe you could limit yourself to how often you do this. Maybe every Friday treat yourself to a takeout coffee because you deserve it after a long week. Instead of spending £720 a year you’ll be spending £144 a year.  You’ll also appreciate it a lot more if you have it less often.

Become more aware

Maybe starting a budget planner or tracking your expenses will really help you to highlight where your money might be going. It might turn out that coffee isn’t your problem and clothes shopping is? Or you might find that making your own coffee at home means that you can spend more on clothes? Either way, seeing your expenses written out on paper can really help you to stop spending money.

There’s no reason to feel guilty about spending money on something you love. That being said, saving a few coins here and there and putting it into a savings account or money box could be super beneficial. You might also find a new found passion in making quality coffee at home?


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