Coffee Aroma – Lincoln

Lincoln is a stunningly breath-taking place, with its atmospheric streets, surrounded by Norman and medieval buildings, it is a beautiful sight which you need to see. Along the cobbled streets you will find a delightful mix of coffee shops, tea rooms, designer shops and independent antique shops. Among these is Coffee Aroma, named as one of the best 10 coffee shops in the UK by the Guardian newspaper this coffee shop is more than just your daily caffeine fix. This is where you submerge yourself in a relaxing and delicious cup of coffee whilst taking in your surroundings and forgetting the bustle that exists outside.

From the outside it looks like your average small artisan coffee shop but making your way inside you’ll find three floors of spacious and immaculately decorated rooms. With a different rustic, tortuous ambiance, whilst studying in Lincoln I probably visited Coffee Aroma every week, and it never got old.

With bunting placed everywhere, photograph collages everywhere, colourful cushions and a misalliance of furniture which works perfectly, there’s a homely feel about Coffee Aroma which makes it an inviting place you will want to visit again and again.

The beans for the coffee are rich, fresh and flavoursome. They have such an extensive list of coffees on their menu, they even stock the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee which has earned an extremely reputable name for itself. The baristas working at the coffee shop radiate happiness, you can really tell that they love their job. My cappuccino was perfectly finished with some lovely artwork with the perfect amount of milk to espresso ratio.

Little nice touches are included with your coffee aroma experience. Including a glass of water with your coffee, an espresso shot in case you need an extra wake-me-up and free WiFi. This basically gives you an all around excuse to stay there for even longer. On Fridays and Saturdays they also only close at 11pm – something which I probably should have credited on my dissertation.

Coffee aroma is a rare place that is cosy, friendly and relaxed but still offers  high-class coffee. When you find a place like that you should cherish it.

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