How does coffee affect the body?

I’d safely say that the majority of us wake up every morning and gulp down a cup of Joe in order to start the day right. Okay, so we know it gives us energy but if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t really know why, or how the caffeine is affecting our bodies.

I couldn’t be further from a scientist if I actually tried but its unarguably so interesting (and important) to make sure you know how the food and drink you eat daily is affecting your own body. From this information you might be able to realise what is best for you.

That first sip

Or as we at Coffee Love Co like to call it, euphoria. You’re not imagining it either, just after one sip your sense become more alert – but this is just a response to a familiar smell and taste, the caffeine is actually still to hit your system.

10 minutes – caffeine enters your system

Yes, that’s all it takes, although this might be the longest 10 minutes of your day. The caffeine has now entered your blood which quickens your heart rate and your blood pressure rises. This is the beginning of the caffeine kick.

20 minutes – your superhuman abilities begin

This is when you start to feel more alert, and much better at decision making. There’s a reason for this – the coffee is blocking your adenosine receptors, which are things that make you feel tired. When adenosine is created in the brain, it binds to adenosine receptors and it is this binding which slows down nerve cell activity. To a nerve cell, caffeine looks just like adenosine and it also binds to the adenosine receptor but this has the opposite affect and the nerve cells speed up, hence giving you energy.

30 minutes – is your eyesight better?

You’re now producing more adrenaline and so all those tasks you need to do are getting done. You pupils dilate which can actually lead to sharper vision. Have you ever been so tired you can’t see properly? Your airways also open which might make it easier for you to breathe. We always knew caffeine was making our bodies work better.

40 minutes – serotonin rises

You start to feel amazing because your serotonin levels have begun to rise. Serotonin is a chemical that nerve cells produce, it is considered a natural mood stabiliser, making you feel happier and more focused. However too much serotonin can cause agitation, headache, sickness and twitching muscles – so be careful.

4 hours – speeding up digestion

Your body is working extra hard with the help from coffee. Coffee causes muscle contractions, which includes those muscles along your intestinal tract, these contractions make everything work faster, and break down fats too. This also means you might have to run to the toilet (sorry for the gross detail).

12 hours

After 12 hours the coffee which you had this morning is finally out of your system – yes 12 hours. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night you might want to take notice at what time you’re having coffees. If you have a big cup of Joe at 2pm, the caffeine will only be leaving your system at about 2am.

Of course coffee is great and we are so thankful for it every morning, but remember to take every cup with a little bit of awareness (and maybe sugar) and just make sure you know how it may be affecting your very precious body. We have such a wide range of decaffeinated beans to choose from, in case you’re trying to wean yourself away from coffee.




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