The best magazine subscriptions for coffee lovers

Buying somebody a Christmas gift can be really difficult, but a magazine subscription could be the perfect choice – not only is it great to open on the day, but they get a completely new present every single time a new magazine is published. So, for those coffee lovers which might already have all the possible coffee equipment you could only dream of, a coffee magazine could be the best gift they can receive this year. We’ve picked out the best magazine subscriptions for coffee lovers to make your Christmas shopping super stress free.

Fresh Cup Magazine

Fresh Cup is the perfect magazine to keep you up to date with the latest trends and the most unique stories from around the world. Including stories on the production process, climate changes, innovative changes and the quirkiest coffee shops around the world. If you know somebody who loves beautifully laid out editorial pages, pictures and local news then this will be the best magazine for that special somebody. Get this delightful publication here.

Tea and Coffee Trade Journal

If we’re being completely honest, this magazine is mainly about coffee with a dash of tea. The majority of the mag is filled with business advice, news stories, technical information etc. This is the perfect publication for somebody who has just entered the business world of coffee. Get the subscription for Tea and Coffee Trade Journal here. 

Barista Magazine

This is more for the absolute coffee connoisseurs and baristas among us all.  This magazine includes top interviews with professionals in the coffee world which may inspire whoever receives the magazine, as well as tips and news related to the barista world. Start a subscription for Barista Magazine here.


Although not technically a coffee magazine, lovers of coffee will still love it. It’s a monthly consumer magazine, coffee and alcohol are heavily featured in this magazine and I’m pretty sure we all know one person who loves both of those. The actual aesthetic of Imbibe is usually what attracts people – not only is this a great magazine to ready and enjoy, it would look great on your coffee table too.  Get a subscription here. 

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We really hope these give you  a tiny little help for those presents that you’re really struggling with. It’s an inventive and heartfelt present which will prove that you really care and thus thought out their present.




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