A pink coffee? We’d love to wake up to that

It just might be the most instagrammable drink yet – a pink coffee. And we’re absolutely loving these pink beverages but turns out they’re more than just a pretty face.

Do you remember the glitter coffees? Okay, we know that those coffees served absolutely no purpose apart from being extremely pretty and maybe getting you a few likes on Instagram. They might also add a little bit of annoyance when the glittle gets stuck to your lips but regardless, they were super cute. On the other hand the pink coffee gets its beautiful colour from beetroot – making it an aesthetically pleasing, healthy drink instead.

Many cafes have been offering the ‘beetroot latte’, promoting it as a superdrink that gives you the perfect balance of nutrition and energy. Which kind of makes sense considering its made from a vegetable.

Apparently the beetroot latte can increase circulation, enhance brain function, contains anti-oxidants and vitamins that can help fight illness. So, perhaps the pink coffee can benefit more than our Instagram following?

As for the flavour, you probably won’t be surpised to find out that it tastes like, well…beetroot. Maybe not everybody’s favourite but the health benefits might make it worth a try.

This creation from the Instagram account fluffandfriendshu is an absolutely beautiful example of how the beetroot latte can double as a work of art, basically made for posting on social media and will probably be featured on all those health fad pages. The pink coffee trend has hit hard- just go on the “pinkcoffee” hashtag on Instagram and you’ll be greeted with thousands of pink creations.

Pink coffee. But of a change from my usual Americano #pinkcoffee #hardlines

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If beetroot isn’t for you, you can try the golden milk latte. Which is basically a turmeric latte that is believed to be bursting with antioxidants and healing properties, which is complete with a gorgeous golden colour – also perfect for pictures. Word on the street is Starbucks offers the Turmeric Latte too so it may be easier to get hold of than you imagined.

So if Instagramming your coffee is a big deal to you or if you’re constantly trying out the new health trends these two coffees could just be right up your street.


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